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10 Tips for Travelling with Teenagers

When I told my husband the topic of my next blog “10 Tips for Travelling with Teenagers”, he had one piece of advice, “don’t do it!”. Over the last five years, we have gone on several family road trips: Florida (twice), Canadian East Coast and even a 2 week road trip through France, Switzerland and Italy. We truly are “the Griswold’s”‘ as these trips entail piling 3 kids into a Grand Caravan and driving 5,000 km. Not everyone’s idea of fun. I should probably start calling my husband Clark, as he even has a passion for huge Christmas trees, but i digress (more on that topic in December).

Here is my top 10 traveling with teenagers tips:

1. Keep their blood sugar levels up to avoid bickering – feed them regularly!

2. Portable electronics are your friend:  DVD players with a variety of DVDs, iPods, Nintendo DS, etc. Not needed all the time, but a great way to pass some time when boredom sets in.

3.  Start driving early in the morning (by 8am), breakfast in the car…then let them nap. Read the rest of this entry »

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A few weeks ago, my daughter moved out. I tell myself “it’s a good thing” watching my child go off to college. But i can’t say it has felt that way every day.

Bottom line…I miss her.

But, one thing I have learned is that life is about transitions. That is what is amazing about being a parent, isn’t it? The joy of witnessing our kids learning and growing.

When they are babies and toddlers, every day is a new milestone; sleeping through the night, first words, walking, running, first day of preschool. We witness miracles right in front of our eyes. As they age into the teen years, it can get difficult, as they begin to flex their wings and take on their new-found independence. We forget, as parents, that this is supposed to happen. I think we forget, as the milestones can be uncomfortable; staying out too late, risk taking behaviour and those dreaded words “I hate you”. But what we need to remember during those challenging teen years, is that it ends. They make it through the teen years and somehow on the “other side” they start to become responsible, independent adults…and they begin to appreciate their parents once again.

This is where I am at with my daughter.  I am just not around everyday to see the new milestones.

What am I grateful for today? I am grateful for transitions.

Go get ’em Becca!



Welcome to my “Parent Sanity” blog!

Welcome to Parent Sanity…designed to provide some useful information in those “tough times” of parenting.

Families, these days, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have a blended family with 4 girls. 2 of my own, 2 step. My kids range in age from 12 to 34. Quite a range!

I have found the best way to survive is to maintain a good sense of humour and know when to “not sweat the small stuff”! Hard to do when you are a control freak.

Bookmark this site and come back often — either for information, or when you feel alone in this crazy world of parenting!


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