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Travelling with Teenagers – PART TWO


Look out New York…here we come! 4 days of glorious exploring, shopping, eating, viewing, walking, more eating and more shopping!

So, what have we learned from our past travels with teenagers?

2 main things… keep them fed (full tummies means happier travels) and separate hotel rooms (for happier parents)!

We have done our research of things to see – ensuring that there is something of interest for everyone. We will visit the location of the twin towers (something Lia wants to do). We will see a fabulous broadway musical (something Becca wants to do). We will go to the 5 story Forever 21 store (something Chrissy wants to do). As for hubby – well, that is where the food comes in. He wants the best cheese cake, the best corned beef sandwich, the best bagel, and the list goes on. So what about me? Well, I want to see Rockafeller Plaza and maybe be seen on The Today Show, as well as check out Times Square and Central Park.

Being that I am in Marketing and love digital apps, I have downloaded some great ones: NYC Way, Urbanspoon, and New York Times the scoop.

So as Frank would say (or sing)…Start Spreading the News…cause we are leaving on Friday for New York, New York!!


Let’s go to the movies

A great post from Today’s Parent  – Best kids movies of 2012.

Whether it’s a matinee or an evening out at the movies, all kids, no matter what age, enjoy this family-fun activity. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your kids, especially if you don a pair of silly 3D glasses! Clever, adult focused jokes are often slipped into animated movies, which adds to the fun for mom and dad.

So, next time you are wondering what to do with the kids, pile into the car and go to the movies.

Don’t forget to get the large bucket of popcorn – it’s calorie-free, right?

Remember this song from the musical, Annie? It was one of Becca’s favourite movies. I believe we watched this movie at least 20-30 times when the kids were little! Enjoy!


Encouraging Teens to Read

Lia Reading

Most parents read a bedtime story to their children during the toddler and early years. It is part of the regular nightly routine, and helps with the transition from active play to quiet, restful time. It also provides an opportunity to snuggle and allows parents an escape from the pressures of the day into the land of make-believe and Dr. Seuss.

As kids transition from pre-school to school age, parents go from reading to their children, to reading with them. I have a wonderful memory of Becca, 5 years old,  standing over Chrissy in her crib, reading The Foot Book by Dr Seuss, a favourite at the time.

In elementary school, we continue to encourage our kids to read and help them fill out their scholastic book orders. We spend time reviewing their book report choices and continually help expand their reading interests.

But what happens when they reach the teen years? We seem to think our jobs are done. Far from it. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop Texting and Talk to me!

My kids are great at multi-tasking. At any given time, they are listening to music on their iPod, watching an online episode of Glee, tweeting about said episode, posting status updates on Facebook, texting on their iPhone and looking up research on ancient history for an upcoming project.

It’s all a bit mind boggling to us “old folks”.

So, when I enrolled in “Building Social Media Relationships” at McMaster University, my kids had a semi-heart attack.  “Mom, you have Twitter? Why are you tweeting yourself…. OMG”. I enrolled in the course, as this is the way of the future.

But there are downfalls to all of this technology.   Read the rest of this entry »


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